Maripi Tuatini Rangatahi at Whangaehu Marae

Programmes we have been involved in

Takitini Hauora Iwi Curriculum Development and Roll-out

The Takitini Hauora Iwi Curriculum has been developed for educational institutions from ECE through to Secondary and beyond to engage in and learn about Iwi, Hapū and Whānau ways of being, doin and knowing, in a context that allows traditional knowledge and mātauranga māori to be a foundation for futre learning. It is the way of the future for Education in Aotearoa.

Te Ara Tiriti

A series of educational workshops for Early Childhood Centres with a focus on The Treaty of Waitangi and Te Tiriti o Waitangi. 

Each of the workshops concentrated upon the historical context of the two documents with relevance to the local people and provided guidance to the Early Childhood teachers as to how they may implement the principles of those documents and treaties within their workspaces.

There was also a Te Reo Māori component included so that basic terms and language skills could be used in their centres

Tiriti o Waitangi workshops

These have been run with a number of organisations from Educational Institutions, Sports Organisations and Community Organisations. Participants gain a deeper understanding of the Tiriti o Waitangi, The Treaty of Waitangi and learn how to integrate the partnership encapsulated in these documents into their organisations.

Maripi Tuatini Rangatahi Scholarship Programme

One of our principal advisors co-wrote this programme.  

It is an Iwi based leadership programme that is developing youth within the iwi to become leaders for tomorrow. 

This program integrates Mātauranga Māori - traditional knowledge systems - into the curriculum as well as additional practices to ensure that the youth are prepared for taking over the roles of leadership within their communities.

Te Mahere Rautaki Mātauranga o Ngāti Apa Ngā Wairiki 

One of our principle advisors co-wrote and implemented this the Ngāti Apa Nga Wairiki Educational Strategic Plan.

This strategic plan integrated the wants and needs of the iwi and built upon the aspirations of the people. It is intergenerational and works in conjunction with the Mahere Rautaki Oranga Reo (Māori Language Strategic Plan) also co-authored by one of our principal advisors.

Te Kakahu Project 

In association with Te Puna Mātauranga o Whanganui, advisors assisted in the development and implementation of an educational programme that integrated the traditional knowledge systems of the local Tangata Whenua or indigenous peoples into general stream educational institutions.

This programme included colleges across five iwi boundaries.

He Kahukura

An educational initiative within Whanganui that reflects the partnership of Te Tiriti o Waitangi within the Education system. It has at its core, the perspectives of the Mana Whenua with Place-based Education being integrated into all levels of the Education system from Early Childhood to Tertiary.

Te Whare Kōrero o Rangitumoana

In association with Ngā Ariki of Turakina, we developed, implemented, and delivered a 12 month Te Reo Ōkawa (Formal language) programme at Tini Waitara Marae, Turakina.

This programme taught selected people from the various hapū the skills required to stand and speak on the marae in a pōwhiri or other formal occasions. 

Skills taught included

  • The composition of Karanga and whaikōrero
  • Use of whakatauki and whakatauāki
  • Use of rakau on the marae atea

Opening of the RNZAF Tūrangawaewae

We were honoured to perform the opening rituals for the Royal New Zealand Airforce Tūrangawaewae at Ohakēā Airforce base.

As part of the process, we were in discussions and consultation with various groups throughout the region to ensure that there is an ongoing relationship between the various interested parties

Restorative Justice

We have been engaged in a number of cases, from simple vandalism to major incidents. Each of these cases ensured that the mana of all parties are maintained or restored.

Cultural Audit of regional Secondary Schools

One of our principal consultants has run Cultural Audits of local Secondary schools to assist these schools in developing the Colleges' understandings and embedding of Biculturalism within their organisations.

Ngā Iere o te Whenua (Voices of the Land)

This is a programme that assists people and organisations to learn about the local history of their 'place'. Participants are guided around their city or district and visit places of significance to the local iwi and hapū, and hear the stories of those places from the Mana Whenua perspective.

Te Reo Pipipi Programme

This programme has been developed for Teachers and whānau within Early Childhood Education Centres (ECE). It is an introductory 10 week Te Reo Māori language programme that offers beginners the opportunity to learn in a safe classroom environment with others to gain confidence in using te reo Māori. It is founded on oral skills development and is internally assessed by the facilitators.


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  • Te Reo Ōkawa

    Some notes from the Te Reo Ōkawa wānanga held at Tini Waitara Marae.

    The discussion pertained to those who have passed away and how they can be referred in formal speech making.

  • Hapū members at Paraekaretu

    Some members of the Te Reo Ōkawa wānanga standing on sacred land.

    Paraekaretu is regarded as a sacred site due to the bones of an ancestor being interred in the place.